Effective writing skills for scientists

Do you want to write clear scientific texts with high impact? Write a better paper or thesis? Hi! I’m Rosanna van Hespen, PhD. Here at 10000WORDS I offer training & workshops to improve your scientific writing skills and write precise, structured, and accessible texts.

Would you like to:

  • Learn what makes a paper ‘interesting’?
  • Understand how to write text that’s both convincing and easy to read?
  • Craft a coherent and compelling Discussion section?
  • Write with a sense of ease and productivity?
  • … and more?

Work with me

📝1-on-1 Coaching

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💻Online Training

Fully online training so you can learn on your own schedule. The training comes with personalised coaching sessions and WhatsApp support.
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Training for your entire research group on topics such as the writing process, feedback, and effective editing.
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“I really enjoyed the short email course. The lessons were well-organized, very easy to follow, informative and simply fun to do, which is always a big plus when it comes to writing!” – Dr. Chiu Cheng, Marine Ecologist at Wageningen Marine Research

“The coaching sessions really helped to find my way out of writer’s block on my first scientific paper. Great coaching and a recommendation to anyone who wants to write state-of-the-art articles.” – Marco Schrijver, PhD student at Utrecht University

Preview of the From Data to Draft, a quick-start guide to writing your next paper or thesis

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As a scientific writing coach

I believe that…

Clear writing is essential for open science

Clear and accurate writing help other scientists easily understand what you did and and how you came to your conclusions. Clear writing is also easier to read, making your work accessible to a wide scientific audience.

Academic writing is a craft

Good writing takes practice – the more you write, the easier it gets. In addition, it’s rare to write a perfect text from scratch. Good writing often takes multiple iterations, where you gradually refine the text until it shines ✨

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